Procedure for Admission

Rules and Regulations

  • The school prospectus and application forms are available at the school office or on our website
  • The duly filled forms should reach the school office on or before the specified date
  • If the application is favorable considered, a list of provisionally selected candidates will be published on the school notice board.
  • Selected candidates have to go through a written entrance test before admission
  • Student should be in the correct age group. The required age for various classes as on 30th May, is as follows.
Pre- KG 2Years – 10 Months
L.K.G 3Years – 10 Months
U.K.G 4 Years – 10 Months
1st Std 5 Years – 10 Months
An applicant should produce the following at the time of admission.
  1. Filled Application
  2. Birth Certificate/Transfer Certificate
  3. Two Stamp Size and Passport size photos
  4. Blood Group Certificate
  5. Group photo of the student with the parent/Gaurdian

Fee Regulations

  • Candidates selected for admission should pay the prescribed fees yearly (May/June) or half-yearly. If opted for half yearly pay, the total fees should be cleared by the December month of every academic year.
  • Absence on the date of payment of fees will not be accepted as an excuse for non-payment of the fees.
  • Payment of fees after the prescribed date will attract a penalty which will not be waived for any reason.
  • Inordinate delay in payment of fees may lead to cancellation of admission and this will be at the discretion of institution.

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