Frequently Asked Questions


Why a residential school?

Every top-industrialist’s family, successful lawyers, technocrats and professionals send their children to the best of residential schools. There are many who have never been to colleges but are running millions worth business with top professionals working for them. The secret is their tremendous self-confidence, decision making ability and leadership qualities.

A child's overall development, education, personality development, leadership qualities and rich values and culture will be the deciding factor for real success in life. Every child is bestowed with these latent potentialities which remain suppressed due to over-protection of parental care. Every decision is taken by the parent for the child. We love our children too much and cannot afford to make any mistake by allowing children to take independent decision. This is where quality residential schools offer good multi-platform for developing his personality and leadership traits.


What is the right age?

Eminent psychologists like Edward Thorndike and Sigmund Frued opine that a child needs immense parental care till the age of eight as emotional stability is nurtured in the child during this stage. The qualities and emotional balance can be instilled by the parents during this age only.

The right age for children to join residential schools is 9, wherein the child has developed the sense of responsibility and self-confidence and has the ability to handle testing situations. Residential School helps a child to develop into independent mature adults enabling them to adjust to all types of situations and environment later in life.


Will he become indisciplined?

The reason for a child being sent to a hostel is to instill in him discipline. Residential schools are best equipped to impart this mode of discipline as systems are in place 24 hours with qualified mentors/teachers. The 24X7 supervision by various faculties helps in channelising the abundant energy in the child in positive developmental activities. The system ensures proper leadership and managerial qualities boosting their self-confidence and independence tremendously.



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